Mold Testing & Asbestos Testing in Quincy, MA

The city of Quincy is the largest in Norfolk County, MA, and is a major aspect of the Metropolitan Boston area. It is also the most immediate suburb south of Boston. Initially settled in 1625, Quincy became its own town in 1792 after splitting from Braintree, MA, and eventually was named a city in 1888. A Quincy fun fact is that both Dunkin’ Donuts and Howard Johnson’s were founded there. Recent census data puts the population just shy of 100,000, with 93,397 residents. Home to almost 40,000 households and many businesses, Quincy could certainly use the help we provide!

When it comes to testing for mold, asbestos, or lead paint, our ace team is your best bet. Once we test, we can determine where the problem is, how bad it is, and what you should do next. We’re thorough and professional, so rest assured you’re getting top-notch service.

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