Lead Inspections

Lead Services Include:

  1. A lead inspection is performed by a trained, certified, licensed, and fully insured professional with the latest in Lead Detection Technology. That equipment is fully discussed in the equipment section.
  2. A complete easy to read risk assessment is provided with every inspection. This assessment is in the approved format of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and additional explanation is always available at DCM Environmental Testing.
  3. Lead Removal options are presented and discussed to help you solve existing problems or exposures.
  4. Re-Inspection, which assures complete compliance if performed and confirmed in writing to the property owner after the completion of the removal process.
  5. Financial Options Information for the property owner can be provided by DCM along with assistance developing a correction plan.

Notes: it should be noted that DCM Environmental Testing Co. provides only inspection services herein described. No removal or corrective actions are ever preformed by DCM Environmental Testing or any affiliate which allows us to provide the best-unbiased solutions to your problems.

As in the case of removal or corrective actions DCM Lead Inspections or any affiliate provides no financial assistance to a property owner. This allows DCM to provide unbiased information about financial assistance options to the property owner.

A DCM inspection: includes but is not limited to, doors, and door frames, interior walls, stairs (including railings, banisters, risers and treads), baseboards, exterior siding including garage, interior beads, porches and fences, kitchen and bath cabinets, exterior and interior window sills, casings, door casings and cellar windows and frames, as well as any other at risk surface.



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